Monday, April 17, 2017

ITESM Toluca Homework Assignment 1

ITESM Toluca Sustainable Mobility Seminar Homework 1
2017-04-18 (Tuesday night)
BJ Furman

This homework is designed to help you get started with designing a SPARTAN mobility system
for urban areas in México. You will need to really ‘dive into’ the concepts that underlie
SPARTAN and begin thinking creatively as you work with your team on Day 2 and 3.

Here is what I would like you to do before coming to Day 2 of the seminar:

1. Watch the ‘Deep Dive’ video ( on
YouTube. This video is a window into how some of the world’s best designers approach
a design challenge with a short deadline. You will do well to apply what you see in the
video to what you need to do during the rest of the seminar.

2. Get familiar with the core concepts of SPARTAN systems by reviewing the work of SJSU
students since 2012:
     a. 2012-2013 work:

     b. 2013-2014 work:

     c. 2014-2015 work:

     d. 2015-2016 work:

[See other applicable resources at: ]

3. Create a short (one or two page) ‘photo essay’ (photos with brief description) of what is
wrong with the current transportation system (cars, buses, trains, subways, etc.) in
Toluca. Look at it from various viewpoints: congestion, safety, comfort, privacy, personal
security, speed (waiting?), pollution, etc. Upload your photo essay to your personal blog

4. Review your project group description, and begin brainstorming, sketching, and thinking
about what you are going to be working on in Day 2 of the seminar so you will be
prepared. Keep in mind the basic requirements for a SPARTAN system:
     a. Elevated network of guideways that uses off-line stations
     b. Automated vehicles suspended below the guideway
     c. System is powered by solar energy with PV mounted on the guideway

Upload any sketches, drawings, photos, or notes to your personal blog page

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