Monday, April 17, 2017

ITESM Toluca Homework Assignment 2

ITESM Toluca Sustainable Mobility Seminar Homework 2
2017-04-19 (Wednesday night)
BJ Furman

This homework is designed to help you refine your thinking after Day 2 and begin planning for your final presentation on Day 3.
Here is what I would like you to do before coming to Day 3 of the seminar:
  1. Review possible options to continue your work on SPARTAN systems after the seminar concludes. Several options might be:
    1. Form a team and get sponsorship to enter the Urban International Design Contest (UIDC). See
    2. Come to San José State University and be part of the Summer Research Internship program. More information at:
    3. Do something with The World Design Organization. See [One person to contact in Toluca who participated is Prof. Martha Zarza, Professor of Industrial Design]
    4. Plan a field trip to Guadalajara to visit Modutram. See
Develop a budget for what it will take to carry out the next step and a schedule for the actions you need to take to implement your plan. Add this information to your personal blog.
  1. Add the work that you completed today to your team blog and your reflections on the seminar so far to your personal blog.

Remember that any Power Point slides you create must done using the Assertion-Evidence (A-E) method. More information on the A-E method can be found at

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