Sunday, October 8, 2017

Solar Skyways Design Workshop in Toluca


Solar Skyways ( is a network of universities around the world developing solar powered podcar systems. The founding university, San José State University in Silicon Valley, created the Spartan Superway in 2012, and recently 25 (mostly) engineering students have started into the sixth year of development. Spartan is the mascot of San José State (Webster's: a person of great courage and self-discipline) ...

    ... so logically, the Spartan appears also in the Spartan Superway logo:

In due course it was discovered that SPARTAN can have another meaning: Solar Powered Automated Rapid Transit Ascendant Networks!

And, inspired by the accomplishments of the Spartan Superway, the Solar Skyways network is developing around the world.


During the time of the Toluca workshop and after, links to pertinent resources will be provided here.

Information Resources


 Competitions and Events

Your Prospective Clients

Perspective on Technology Developments over the years

Prepared and presented by Ron Swenson, President, INIST

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